Help on: Orders in process

The list of orders in process shows orders from all of a customer's users which were saved during order entry and have not yet been sent to the bank's computer system or which were saved automatically by Global Payment Plus (e.g. if order entry was cancelled). The autosave function is only active if the order contains at least one payment record and this record was successfully validated by Global Payment Plus. Correspondingly, any data that have not yet been validated are lost.

An order can be processed further or deleted by any of the customer's users if the user has the permissions required for the originator's account used in the order and the appropriate EBICS order type. If automatic permissions have been deactivated, a saved order can only be edited by the order's most recent editor.

Global Payment Plus automatically deletes orders in process after 90 days.

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Orders in process: The table shows the saved orders for all of a customer's users and the order's most recent editor. When the list is opened, the most recently saved orders are displayed first.

Note: If any user added a note to the payment order, it will be displayed here.

Please note: the note function can be used only within Global Payment Plus when editing payment orders. Notes added to an order are not sent to the bank server.

Drop-down menu: You can edit or delete a saved order if you have the correct permissions for the originator's account and the underlying EBICS order type. Processing of orders for bank accesses for which automatic permissions were deactivated can only be resumed by that order's most recent editor.