Help on: Address book / Templates

The address book of Global Payment Plus lets you manage contacts and bank connections for your business partners which you can then use when creating payment orders. The address book essentially belongs to the EBICS customer of the primary Commerzbank access and can be managed by all users of that customer.

You can assign multiple bank connections (in different countries, as well) to one business partner. If you save a payment record as a template, that template is always archived under a contact's bank connection.

For an explanation of specific elements within the form, simply click the number and marker that correspond to that element.

GPP Hilfe zu: Vorlagen im Adressbuch verwalten / GPP help on: Address book and templates Help on: Address book / Templates Help on: Address book / Templates Help on: Address book / Templates Help on: Address book / Templates

Click the corresponding tab to switch between Contacts and Templates.

Here you will see all of the templates contained in your address book. The name of the template is displayed and, if you move the mouse over the account owner's name, the contact and bank connection that belong to that template are displayed, as well.

Use the filter to display templates for a specific operation.

The menu contains additional functions for template management. These include viewing the template details, opening the contact belonging to the template, editing or deleting the template.