Help on: Transaction search

Use the Transaction Search function to perform a multi-account-statement search for transactions in the accounts from statements that you are authorised to display The results list will also offer functions for exporting the data in CSV or XLS format.

For an explanation of specific elements within the form, simply click the number and marker that correspond to that element.

GPP Hilfe zu: Umsatzsuche / GPP help on: Transaction search  Help on: Transaction search Help on: Transaction search Help on: Transaction search Help on: Transaction search Help on: Transaction search Help on: Transaction search

Select the accounts here to be included in the search. If you are only authorised to display one account, this will be pre-set automatically. Also specify the desired timeframe of the transaction booking date.

During a search for transactions conducted since your last login, GPP does not evaluate a transaction's booking date, rather it displays any transactions that have been imported since your last login.

You can enter other optional search criteria in this dialogue box.

Click here to start the search.

If the search was successful, the transactions found will be displayed in a table. Please note that the results list cannot display more than 500 transactions.

Clicking a line in the table or the information icon will show you additional details for an account transaction.

In addition to the transactions found, you will also see the balances of all accounts searched at the beginning and end of the search period. Please keep in mind that this information is taken from the opening and closing balance (booking balance) of each account's statement. If the search period entered differs from the statement dates, Global Payment Plus will use an earlier opening or later closing balance from the relevant account statement to determine which booking balance to display.

The list of results generated by the transaction search can be printed out and exported in CSV or XLS file format.