Help on: User permission

The My Permissions tab shows your user permissions for the selected bank access. This includes both permissions for EBICS order types as well as account permissions. Please note that this tab is only shown for third-party bank accesses if automatic permissions is turned on.

For an explanation of specific elements within the form, simply click the number and marker that correspond to that element.

GPP Hilfe zu: Teilnehmerberechtigung / GPP help on: User permission Help on: User permission Help on: User permission Help on: User permission Help on: User permission

Order types: Your user permissions for EBICS order types are broken down into permissions for download and upload orders. Download order types are used for downloads from the bank's computer system (e.g. for retrieving account information). Upload order types, on the other hand, are used for uploads (e.g. for submitting a payment order).

Account overview: You can see your general user permissions for accounts of the EBICS customer here.

Permissions on accounts: If you want to check account permissions in connection with a specific EBICS order type, select the appropriate upload order type here. GPP will then show the signature class and an amount limit, if applicable, that belong to the permission.

The following signature classes are planned in the EBICS procedure:

  • T: Transport signature
  • E: Single signature
  • A: First signature
  • B: Second signature

Update permission: Please click here to update your permissions from the bank's computer system. GPP indicates when the permissions were updated last.

Please note that you require permission for the EBICS order type HTD in order to download user data.