Help on: GPP "Read Only" - using GPP without a signature stick

The signature stick ensures that you have a secure browser environment and electronic signature available at all times and also lets you conduct your banking transactions via GPP while on the go, from any computer with Internet access.

GPP's "Read Only" function also offers you the option of viewing current transactions and account statements as well as the status of orders even without the signature stick. To do so, simply log in to Commerzbank's Corporate Banking portal from a browser with an Internet connection and open the GPP application. Once you have successfully logged in, you will receive a notification that this mode only offers a limited range of functions and that it is not possible to provide your electronic signature in this way. If you want to enter and submit orders, you will need to log in via the browser on your signature stick.

GPP Hilfe zu: Read Only-Modus / GPP help on: Read Only Using GPP without a signature stick

Tick the "Do not show this message again" option to hide this message for future logins.

You will also see a message notifying you of the limited range of functions on the overview page.

We recommend using one of the browsers listed below to use GPP in "Read Only" mode

  • Mozilla Firefox, version 27 or higher
  • Apple Safari, version 7 or higher (on Mac) or version 5 or higher (on Windows)
  • Google Chrome, version 34 or higher
  • Internet Explorer, version 8 or higher

If you use a different browser or an older version, you will see an additional notification. No support can be provided in this case.