Help on: New order

You can enter payment orders in Global Payment Plus either manually or submit them in file format. In order to manually enter payment orders you need to have permissions for that particular type of EBICS order as well as for the originator's account to be used.

For an explanation of specific elements within the form, simply click the number and marker that correspond to that element.

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Options for making an order: Please use the corresponding tab to select whether you would like to submit the order in file format or enter it manually in GPP. Operations that can be entered manually into GPP are broken down into three categories: Credit Transfer, Direct Debit and Further Payments.

For a complete overview of GPP-supported operations, please click here!

Type of credit transfer: When entering orders manually, you can narrow down your choices by selecting the corresponding payment type during the next step.

For file uploads, select the desired EBICS order type and the file you want to upload instead.

Bank access & Originator's account: Once you have selected the payment type you will see the originator's accounts under the respective bank access provided that you have the appropriate permissions for the EBICS order type used by the operation and the originator's account. The account must also possess the characteristics required by the operation.

If automatic permissions have been deactivated for third-party bank accesses, GPP shows a list of all accounts that can be selected which were entered manually under the corresponding EBICS customer.

For the Request for Transfer (RfT) payment type, only select the relevant bank access since the originator's account does not necessarily have to be held at the beneficiary bank.

Account details: Expand this area to display details about the originator's account and your permissions on that account for EBICS order types, signature classes and limits.

Enter Order: Click here to begin order entry and open the corresponding dialogue box.

For example: Under domestic payment transactions you selected an originator's account held in Germany (including the account number and bank code) as well as the account currency (EUR); accordingly, you will be sent to the operation Domestic Payment Transactions Germany.