Help on: Export files

This is where the export files you generated from account information are made available to download.

For an explanation of specific elements within the form, simply click the number and marker that correspond to that element.

GPP Hilfe zu: Exportdateien / GPP help on: Export files Help on: Export files Help on: Export files Help on: Export files

Overview of exported files per user: The summary displays not only the file format but also the requested content of an export file and the format selected. Any export files that have not yet been downloaded are marked accordingly.

Update export files: If you are expecting the page to indicate that an export job has been completed but do not see a download icon, use this button to update the status of the export job.

Download or delete export job: Click the appropriate icon at the end of the line to download a job or delete it if the export file is no longer required. Export files will be deleted automatically by the system after a 10-day period. A message appears on the start page to inform you of the presence of new, unopened export files. Once you have taken note of it, this message can be deleted.