Help on: Pending orders

The list of pending orders shows any orders in the bank's computer system for which you have already provided a signature yet which have not been completed. The signature information displayed for an order includes the number of signatures already provided as well as how many are still required. Please keep in mind that the number of signatures still required is determined based on the value stored for a signature class.

Orders due to expire soon and which are scheduled for automatic deletion from the bank's computer system as a result are indicated and will appear at the top of the list.

Global Payment Plus obtains the data directly from the bank's computer system. As a result, not all of the order characteristics might be displayed for some order types.

For an explanation of specific elements within the form, simply click the number and marker that correspond to that element.

GPP Hilfe zu: Eingereichte Aufträge / GPP help on: Pending orders Help on: Pending orders Help on: Pending orders Help on: Pending orders

List of pending orders with information such as order type, originator's account, total amount and the current signature types. This information is retrieved by the relevant bank's computer system and might not be complete for all order types.

Click the information icon to have a summary of the order and its transaction details retrieved by the bank's computer system. Which data is displayed in the next step depends on the range of functions of the relevant bank's computer system. Therefore not all the information may be displayed.

If needed, you can refresh the screen to retrieve an updated list of pending orders from the bank's computer system.

When you log in to Global Payment Plus, it automatically establishes which orders are present in the bank's computer system. The number of pending orders will also be displayed in the navigation pane and on the overview page.