Help on: Order history

The order history logs all orders entered by all of a customer's users in the past 60 days which were sent to the bank's computer system. In addition to manually entered orders and orders submitted in file format, you can also have order approvals and cancellations (referred to as VEU orders/second signatories) displayed where you can then deactivate the relevant filter. VEU orders are hidden by default.

You can use the order status to track an order's progress on the bank's computer system. Please note that to update the status of an order, you must have permission to edit EBICS order type HAC on the relevant bank's computer system.

The detailed view of order and payment record information can only be opened by the person submitting the respective order. You can, however, activate the detailed view for all of a customer's users in Display Permission Settings in the relevant bank access if you are using Global Payment Plus as a customer administrator.

For an explanation of specific elements within the form, simply click the number and marker that correspond to that element.

GPP Hilfe zu: Auftragshistorie / GPP help on: Order history Help on: Order history Help on: Order history Help on: Order history Help on: Order history

A variety of different criteria can be used to filter the order history. Use the various criteria to limit the number of orders displayed in the history. You can set up the filter criteria in such a way, for instance, that only those orders are displayed which were submitted by you.

An order's processing progress on the bank's computer system is indicated using a colour-based system. The order status is based on HAC customer logs delivered by the bank's computer system and automatically evaluated by Global Payment Plus after they are downloaded. If an error occurs, this is indicated by a red light. Global Payment Plus also generates an automatic message on the overview page for all of the customer's users whenever an error occurs. If any additional information is contained in an order's log entries, this is indicated by an information icon.

The drop-down menu contains additional functions for displaying and processing historical orders.

The order status as well as all customer log entries belonging to the order are only displayed to a customer's users.

The option to have order details and payment record information displayed as well as the related order copy function and a function to save the order file in its original format are only offered to the person who submitted the order. The detailed view can, however, be activated of all of a customer's users in the Display Permission Settings in the relevant bank access. This does not include salary payments; the detailed view of such payments is only displayed to the person submitting the order.

Please keep in mind that the function which activates the detailed order view in the history is restricted to users who serve as customer administrators in Global Payment Plus.

Please click here to manually update the status of the orders shown in the history. Global Payment Plus will then retrieve the corresponding HAC customer log for each of your active bank accesses, allocate the log entries to the corresponding order and update its status.

If you have multiple bank accesses, you can also choose to only update the selected bank accesses.

If orders waiting for signature are detected when updating the order history, GPP automatically updates the list of pending orders using the order type HVZ.

GPP also automatically retrieves HAC customer logs as soon as a user has logged in to the system if no retrievals have been made yet on that calendar day for the customer in question.