FAQ FI-X-aminer

What is the "FI-X-aminer"?

The FI-X-aminer is an online application for the service to check commercial documents under an L/C. This service is offered to other banks. The documents need to be scanned and the digitised documents are examined.

What is Commerzbank's value proposition?

In general, you will receive the results of our document examination within 24 hours by Swift MT 799.

For which kind of Letters of Credt is the "FI-X-aminer" designed?

The "FI-X-aminer" is designed for both documents under import letters of credit and documents under export letters of credit.

What happens if provided documents have discrepancies?

The discrepancies are listed in the checking report which we provide you via SWIFT.

Who can I contact in case of a general / technical question?

Please use the inquiry function on the home page of the "FI-X-aminer".

Who can I contact in case of a transaction related question?