Transaction Ledger Help Page


To view the transaction ledger, please select one of your accounts registered with FI-Online.

Information about the current balance of the selected account will be displayed below this field.

Time frame

In this field you can select a time frame for which you wish to see the activities. Alternatively, you may specify a time period in the next field.

Date from / until

In these fields you can determine a retrospective time period of max. 13 months (note: to display one day only, please fill in the same date in the two fields).

Transaction type

The type of activity to be displayed can be selected in this field.

Recipient / Accounting text

In this field you can define a recipient or an accounting text as a search criterion.

Minimum / Maximum amount

In these fields you can define a minimum and maximum amount as search criteria (note: to display a particular amount, please enter the same amount in both). Negative amounts must be entered with a minus.

Download search results

To download as a csv or pdf file please click on the particular icon. You may then choose to open the file immediately or save it on your device.