Securities overview

In the securities account overview you see your securities and their valuation at a glance.

Selection of the securities account

In the top line you will find a drop-down menu containing all securities accounts available for the securities account overview. Select the desired securities account with a click of the mouse, and the pertinent securities account is loaded.

The different view levels

The securities account has two view levels. The first level displays all securities account positions collapsed. On this level you see the most important information about your securities portfolio, such as the current price and the change of the value in EUR and per cent.

The arrow on the left of each line enables you to expand the securities position. In the second level which is then visible you will find more detailed information.

The functions in the securities account overview

The table of securities account positions has a sorting function. If you move the mouse over the headings in the table header, they become active and you can sort your securities account positions in ascending or descending order. The sorting sequence which is currently active is marked by an arrow behind the table heading.

At the far right of the line of a securities account position you will find the buttons "B" and "S" which you can use to purchase additional holdings or to sell holdings. The buttons are repeated at the lower end of the expandable level. If the buttons are inactive, you do not have the necessary authorisation to trade the security. In this case please contact your advisor.

Every security has a representation of the price development. You can change the period for the representation of all securities comprehensively via the selection list in the table header.

At the lower end of the expandable area of every securities account position you will find links to the Infobroker and the order book. Via the links you can view more detailed information on your security.

If there are current orders relating to your securities holdings, they are represented in the expandable area in each case. You can view up to two current orders directly here. For further information please follow the link to the Order Book.

The valuation of your holdings

The securities in your securities account are on principle valued at current prices. This means that, when the securities account overview is opened, the current price of each security is normally no more than a few minutes old. If no daily price is available, in exceptional cases the last known price is used for the valuation. You can inspect the up-to-dateness of the price in the expandable level under price information.

If you would like to update the valuation prices for your securities again, please activate the button beside the table heading “Current price”. This process calls up the last available neartime stock exchange price of your security and uses it for the valuation.

Please note that the securities account valuation in the financial overview is based on previous-day prices. Deviations of the total balances may therefore occur in the securities account overview and the financial overview.