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Content shall not constitute an individual investment recommendation, invitation to subscribe, or offer to buy or sell securities or other financial instruments, but should merely be used to facilitate the client’s independent investment decisions, and shall not replace an advisory service for investors and investments. If required, please contact your investment advisor. The relevant sales prospectus is the only legally binding document for new issues and investment funds.

Commerzbank AG, despite taking due care in acquiring and providing information, only makes such information available without guarantee for the accuracy, completeness, up-to-date nature, or precision and availability of stored and reported stock exchange and economic information, rates, prices, indices, general market data, assessments, valuations and other accessible content. The same applies to content provided by third parties. Valuations and assessments shall reflect the opinion of the respective writer when compiling the draft. They may be overtaken by current developments, or change in other ways without any amendment to valuations, assessments, drafts and information. If third parties have been used to provide content, or opinions of third parties have been reiterated, this does not necessarily comply with the views of Commerzbank AG, and may even contradict its views. Circumstances presented within the context of product information in particular exclusively serve the purpose of illustration and do not allow for any future conclusions to be drawn on profit or loss. Any conditions specified shall be understood as non-binding indications and shall be independent of market events on the date of conclusion.

The Commerzbank Group and associated enterprises shall hold at least one per cent of registered capital in any company or companies with securities forming part of the content provided, in particular in respect of opinions, valuations or assessments, or may hold an equivalent level of ownership. Corporate bodies, executives and employees may also hold shares or positions in securities or financial products, which are subject to assessments. Commerzbank may belong to a consortium that has agreed to issue securities for a company subject to assessment. Furthermore, Commerzbank may provide banking or advisory services to issuers of such securities and take charge of analysed securities by virtue of a contract with the relevant issuers on the stock exchange or market. Bodies or employees of Commerzbank may also take charge of Supervisory Board functions for issuers with securities subject to assessments.

No guarantee for contents and links

Commerzbank continually checks and updates information on the Internet site. Despite the utmost care being taken, information may have changed in the meantime and as a result no guarantee can be undertaken for the up-to-date nature, accuracy and completeness of the information provided. The same also applies to other websites referred to by hyperlink. Hyperlinks are provided to users for the purpose of facilitating acquisition of information, without Commerzbank having the intention of adopting the content of such websites as its own.


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