Risk Management

  • Risk management in times of volatile markets: We will explain to you how to deal with financial risk factors here – with the help of innovative derivatives.

Internationally successful thanks to active risk management

Commodity prices, exchange rates and interest rates are subject to frequently considerable fluctuations. These changes to market prices can have a huge effect on your operating result and pull the feet from under every commercial calculation. Our professional risk management illuminates risk factors and makes causes, connections and effects transparent for you. So you won’t be set adrift by the risks, but will actively steer your risk positions with innovative derivatives.


Does your company have large demands for energy, industrial metals, precious metals or agricultural commodities and is it confronted with rising or falling commodity prices? Commerzbank will work out a solution with you concerning the issue of commodity price risks.

Thus price hedging can work like an insurance policy: in return for paying an option premium, you will be protected on the occurrence of a certain event. You can plan material expenses better and your liquidity management will become more reliable at the same time.


For internationally active companies, dealing with foreign currencies with continually fluctuating exchange rates is part of daily business. This factor creates a great deal of uncertainty in your financial and income planning.

Alongside hedging the risks of market price changes, Commerzbank’s active currency management offers you the opportunity to use exchange rate benefits. Our specialists will support you in finding the right hedging instruments for your company.

In addition, with our latest package solutions consisting of a foreign exchange platform and a multi-bank capable online application to process and confirm foreign exchange transactions, you will gain an efficient tool for your currency management.


Whether for loans or securities transactions: interest rates rise and fall – you cannot influence this fact. What you can influence is the extent of the risk of changes to interest rates. By effectively managing the risks – e.g. through interest swaps, interest caps or individual risk-opportunity products – you can create planning certainty for your company. It’s even possible to achieve income from your interest positions. Let our specialists advise you.