• Will portfolio management help your company? Find your investment solutions and financing possibilities here in your Mittelstandsbank

Portfolio management: reaching the target with the right investment solutions

Does a short term investment make sense despite the low level of interest? Will portfolio management help my company? And which pension provision provides the best solution for my company and my employees? When choosing the right investment solutions, you’ll quickly be confronted with questions that can have great effects on the success of your company. Corporate customer advisors from the Commerzbank will answer all your questions concerning financial investments.

Capital market

There are endless investment solutions on the capital market. Bonds, equities or structured products as well as new equity and bond issues – which quickly poses the question: what makes the most sense for my company?

Commerzbank advisors will give you reliable orientation. We will develop an investment proposal tailored for you – coordinated on your internal requirements, targets and wishes.

Pension provisions

Permanently low interest rates have a great effect on your company pensions provision (bAV): the need for provisions for your pension commitments is rising ever higher. So include your pension obligations as a firm factor in your balance sheet, liquidity and risk management.

Our specialists will simulate the potential effects on your company with a tool developed especially for the German market and will draw up a non-binding forecast. We will put together suitable solution components for you on this basis.

Working time accounts

Working time accounts are a popular instrument in HR management with which employees contribute pay or working time to a working time account. They withdraw this later in the release phase as what is known as their release pay – e.g. during paid leave before retirement.

Commerzbank offers you extensive expertise in implementing working time accounts. Let us advise you.