• “A group-wide standard approach to payment transactions offers enormous advantages.”


As a provider of special glass, SCHOTT AG, with 15,400 employees is active at various production locations and sales offices in a total of 35 countries.

A glance at the group structure makes clear how important optimising worldwide flows of payments is. Numerous different national formats had to be taken into account.

The requirement

Regardless of the currency and regardless of the location: at SCHOTT AG payment transactions in future should be made through one single format, one single transmission channel and one single e-banking system.

By reducing payment transaction formats and electronic access to all banks to one single channel, SCHOTT AG would achieve consistent process automation. The advantages: higher transparency for group-wide payments for the central treasury and significant savings in settlement overall.

The solution

With the help of Commerzbank, the Mainz company converted its cash management to the standard payment transaction format ISO 20022. Access is now via the format SWIFT SCORE. Commerzbank manages the payment flows as a so-called SWIFT service office.

This is how it looks in practice: Commerzbank accepts ISO 20022 via SWIFT. Then, it converts the method of payment commissioned into the required target format.

Pay runs at SCHOTT AG are generated and released both centrally and regionally. In return, central system-supported authorisation issue is possible globally.

In addition to payment transactions, ISO 20022 can also be applied to other areas of business, such as securities, foreign trade finance or treasury payments.