Main incubator’s Michael Spitz about the bank of the future

Michael Spitz, CEO of main incubator
Michael Spitz, CEO of main incubator

“When it comes to technology investment and development, we must be visionary.”

“In the financial services sector, it is relatively easy to take decisions about what needs to be done. However, it is extremely challenging to decide on the things that you no longer want to do. This is where you have to stop thinking only about customer centricity by focusing also on your purpose with a view to contribute to a more sustainable future.”

During this year’s virtual Sibos, Michael Spitz, CEO of main incubator, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Commerzbank, joined the panel, “Managing the traditional world, while building out the digital future”. The session addressed the challenges of balancing the “old” in a new world in the financial services sector and the opportunities created by combining existing and emerging technologies within a bank’s digital ecosystem.

(Further information: Sibos registrants can re-watch the session via the Sibos website)

Hatching the bank of the future

The financial services landscape is in the midst of a paradigm shift: what can we expect financial services to look like today, tomorrow and in a decade’s time? Michael Spitz discusses potential scenarios in his latest contribution to the FI.News newsletter.