• High returns despite low interest rates

    High returns despite low interest rates

Emerging stronger from the low interest rate climate

Low interest rates pose a challenge to your liquid assets in terms of short-term investment options. Returns are negligible and there is no immediate prospect of a headline interest rate rise in the eurozone.

We can help you maximise your opportunities at a time of historically low interest rates.

Commerzbank’s analysis and advisory expertise can enable you to realise more value from your investments and improve the efficiency of your liquidity and investment management. We can also work with you to examine your company’s pension position and get a clear picture of the risks posed by the current interest rate situation.

Benefit from a tailored investment strategy

Increasing cash holdings are driving companies and institutional investors alike to search for returns above money market levels.

By taking account of your specific needs and the different options open to you, a tailored investment strategy will help you increase your returns despite the current low interest climate.

The first step is a personal strategy discussion in which we establish your earnings expectations and risk tolerance.

You can then choose to benefit from Commerzbank’s own high-yield solutions, adapted to your individual investment strategy, or the products of professional partners such as Allianz Global Investors.

Optimise your investment management and costs

We will establish whether your investment management requirements have changed and if it is possible to reduce costs and management time.

Using our Corporate Banking Portal, you can quickly and simply manage your time deposit investments online. The same applies to securities trading.

You can also benefit from Commerzbank’s outstanding expertise and market position in securities custody and management. As well as classic custody business, we offer you a wide range of additional services including third-party bank transactions and special reporting.

Analyse the impact of low interest rates on your pension commitments

Low interest rates have a major impact on the provisions you make to cover your pension commitments. It is important to understand the potential implications for your company.

Our analysis of all risk factors affecting your pension obligations will enable you to achieve a clear overview. Specially developed for the German market, our asset/liability management tool enables us to visualise the implications of market changes and identify potential cash flow risks.

Ideally, your pension obligations should be a standard item in your balance sheet and liquidity and risk management. Commerzbank’s Pension Solutions team can help you achieve this.